Hackers of 2073

Hackers of 2073 1.0

Hackers of 2073 is a game that tests the skills of hacker: logic,...

Hackers of 2073 is a game that tests the skills of hacker: logic, language, and a little dexterity. Play as a hacker or technomage, each with its own abilitiesNavigate a series of networks using ;Minesweeper;-like logicAvoid objects trying to stop you!

DaemonProximity Intrusion Countermeasures (ProxIC)Black Intrusion Countermeasures (BlackIC)Use a variety of programs to assist in navigation including Area Bombs which reveal an area around you,Runs which reveal long paths and nearby Proximity IC,Sprites which help you solve the network, andIC Break which kills IC.

Solve 20 puzzles in 6 categories to access the final challenge Image Pass: a rebus puzzle,Pattern: a unique pattern-recoginition game,Network Link: find a wire loop using logic,Dual Snakes: determine a path of numbers and letters,Phrase Pass: a classic hangman game, andFinal Key: collect all the data to get 1 of 4 keys.

Custom difficulties allow you to tailor the game to your skills and likes. Complete the final challenge to destroy the 4 of the greatest threats to 2073!

Run around a unique circular grid to avoid Black and Proximity IC. Collect keys and try them at various critical portions to deactive themDeliver a virus to the final area in the Data Stream controller and win the game!

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